About Us

Integrity Credit Service is a full-service collection agency committed to developing and implementing targeted, effective debt recovery strategies for each client.


ICS founder and president Thomas Brahm has decades of experience in the debt collection industry. He began his career in 1991 and, since then, has developed a reputation as an effective and innovative professional with the nuanced skills required to resolve accounts quickly and successfully. He is an expert in medical debt collection and has vast experience working within HIPAA and other laws related to health care insurance, medical records and billing.

ICS provides full investigative services with a creative approach. Through a gentle yet determined approach, we work closely with consumers to identify all available resources, such as insurance and workers’ compensation, to help them pay their creditors.

We are dedicated to resolving your customers’ outstanding debt peacefully, respectfully, and to your full satisfaction. Call us today at 860-953-1404 or or click here to email us for a free consultation.